25 Random Things About Me

1. My last thought every night is the thought of God.
2. I never go out of my house without a book or magazine to read.
3. I prefer skirts to trousers.
4. I can’t eat margarine or peanuts…my face will break out in the morning.
5. I’d rather have Amstel Malta than any other drink.
6. I have a thing for older men.
7. I am happiest when I am teaching.
8. I don’t like it when people pile up things I’ve done wrong and then later tell me they don’t like what I did “that day”, or worse still, what I’ve been doing; I’d rather be told as it happens.
9. I love shades of red and pink, and don’t like yellow and white. Excluding underwear, all the yellow and white things I have are gifts.
10. I CANNOT whistle. (Resist the temptation to teach me, many have tried.)
11. My memory is my best friend and my worst enemy; I’m amazed at my ability to remember words exactly as they were said, but have a really hard time remembering actions and happenings.
12. I’m hot tempered.
13. I enjoy mimicking people.
14. I love music, listen to it as often as I can, and sing when I have nothing to listen to.
15. I adore babies, but not kids in general (gasp!). I can tolerate them though, if they behave.
16. I feel very deeply about The Christian Union, Uniben /UBTH and consider having been a part of it one of the greatest joys of my life.
17. I think sex a wonderful expression of God’s love for us, and really do not get why people like to pretend about it, especially religious people.
18. I am sensitive to grammatical and spelling errors, but I’m hopeless with other kinds of details.
19. I am easily hurt.
20. I love touching and hugging people.
21. I’m praying very hard that God gives me the chance to host my own talk show someday soon.
22. I don’t like wearing clothes and wish I didn’t have to. I would have been very happy in Eden. Please bear with me if you knock on my door and it takes me ages to let you in.
23. It bothers me a lot (maybe too much) when I’m misunderstood, or when I tell the truth but am not believed.
24. I’m “supposed” to be extroverted, but I’m not outgoing. I’d really rather stay home and read, watch TV or talk with friends.
25. I cannot comb another person’s hair, help pierce their ears, or do anything for them that can cause even the slightest pain. You say “ouch”, and I’m out.


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