Just A Thought

For most people on facebook, you can’t read their profile until you’ve been accepted as a friend. However, there are a few who don’t bother with protecting their profiles in that way. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that really, but something just hit me, (yeah I know, me and my “aha! moments”). I found a friend for whom I’ve been searching since the year began, so I happily clicked on her name to add her. I didn’t know where she’s been, where she lives now, where she works, how she’s doing, y’know…and I was excited at the thought of catching up, reading her profile and stuff. But when I clicked on her name to add her, her profile opened, so I read her info, her wall, and could have viewed her photos but I was in a hurry to add her so I went and did that, then got lost in work until I was notified that she’d accepted and I clicked on her profile from my yahoomail box.
That was when I noticed it was missing; the excitement I usually feel when someone I really like or care about accepts my invite and then I can see their profile and all. Of course I’m happy we’re on each others friend lists now and though there really isn’t anything I can do now that I couldn’t do or hadn’t done before, I like to think it doesn’t change anything. Or does it? Perhaps not in this case.
I immediately thought of the difference between a wedding night with someone you’ve already slept with, and one with someone you haven’t. And much as we try to be fly, or “21st Century” we gotta admit it does take some of the shine away when we fail to stay in God’s plan and wait till we’re married to enjoy our partners intimately. And though a lot of people think I’m silly, or I sound like a man (and a chauvinistic one at that) when I half-joke that I can’t marry a man I’ve slept with, I was reminded of the reason in a very clear way today when I clicked on my friend’s profile and didn’t know what to do next. I really do not want to have seen it all. I know there are many reasons to wait, and this is just a tiny one, but it has never been so vivid to me before today, the picture of business as usual after the wedding, on a “honeymoon without the honey”, like my beau would say. We really should try to give each other something to look forward to.
I don’t mean to offend or sadden anyone; we’ve all made our mistakes one way or another. This isn’t even a real article or anything. It’s just a thought…

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