Inching Along

The diet adjustment is going quite well. I’m dying for a malt drink, but I take a look at my tummy and say, “I will survive.” The major challenge is in the drinking of the water, a tasteless liquid of which I have never been a fan. Note to self: DRINK WATER!

Honey and I are in the process of replacing our evening snack-bonding sessions with exercise-bonding sessions on weekends; dance exercises on friday evenings and long walks together on saturday and sunday evenings. This plan, when firmly established, will make me deliriously happy for more reasons than I can name. For one thing, exercising with him motivates me to exercise by myself when he’s not there. And you don’t want to know what a high it is to watch him dance so deliciously. The cool evening air is also great, as is just being with him and listening to him.

However I must add that watching him snack and drink our favourite cranberry juice at night is NOT fun. Waaah! Waaah!


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