If At First You Don’t Succeed…

I’ve slipped. I started eating at 7:30, then 8pm and sometimes 8:30pm! I also started drinking with my beau most nights. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. But it has. All the good work I’d previously done, all that success, small as it seemed, has gone to waste. Almost. My tummy fat is even more than it was before I started my diet. Since I’m learning not to dwell on where I fell but rather, where I slipped, here are the mistakes I made and how I intend to correct them.

1. Thinking that drinking sugar couldn’t hurt that much afterall. It did hurt. Now that I know how much it was helping, I’m taking a 2nd look at my water only programme.

2. Eating heavy meals for dinner and thinking that eating them before 7pm made it okay. It’s better to eat a light dinner, no matter the hour.

3.Not allowing myself room to enjoy sweet things. This only had the effect of backfiring and causing me to eat too many snacks and drink too much beverage when I eventually got my hands on them.

4. Ignoring my exercises. No matter how hard the crunches may look (and they only look hard cos I’m no longer fit) I have to do them. I have to try.

I’m going to measure myself now and write it down in a secret place. I will let you know how I feel and look after 2 weeks of good behaviour.


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