Not My Business – Niyi Osundare

Not My Business – Niyi Osundare

They picked Akanni up one morning
Beat him soft like clay
And stuffed him down the belly
Of a waiting jeep.

What business of mine is it
So long they don’t take the yam
From my savouring mouth?

They came one night
Booted the whole house awake
And dragged Danladi out,
Then off to a lengthy absence.

What business of mine is it
So long they don’t take the yam
From my savouring mouth?

Chinwewent to work one day
Only to find her job was gone:
No query, no warning, no probe –
Just one neat sack for a stainless record.

What business of mine is it
So long they don’t take the yam
From my savouring mouth?

And then one evening
As I sat down to eat my yam
A knock on the door froze my hungry hand.
The jeep was waiting on my bewildered lawn
Waiting, waiting in its usual silence.


Breaking News: Sex Makes Babies!!!

I love my sister Jennifer Fulwiler, not just because of the blood that bought us both, but because of the way her mind works; she has a beautiful way of coming to knowledge, and a delicious way of chronicling her journeys. She used to be an atheist and now she’s orthodox catholic. She blogs about this at http://www.conversiondiary.com but the article that had me blissed out today was one she contributed to America Magazine on how she went from being Pro Choice to being Pro Life. Below is an excerpt:

“All my life, the message I had heard loud and clear was that sex was for pleasure and bonding, that its potential for creating life was purely tangential, almost to the point of being forgotten. This mind-set became the foundation of my views on abortion. Because I saw sex as being by default closed to the possibility of life, I thought of unplanned pregnancies as akin to being struck by lightning while walking down the street—something totally unpredictable and undeserved that happened to people living normal lives.”

I laughed and laughed. It was an honest article, and her sincerity and intelligence I can’t help but find endearing. Talk about loving the LORD your God with your mind! She was on point at every paragraph, and I’m both entertained and encouraged. You can find the article here –

Happy reading!


Premarital Sex Redefined

Does the Bible really say that premarital sex is sin even when you’re going to marry the person?

The problem with Christianity today is that we don’t take time to study the Bible in its original context. If you take time to study the old testament in Hebrew and in the Jewish context, and the New Testament in Greek and against the backdrop of the society at that time, you will definitely come away with a better understanding of sacred text. You will also realise that there is precious little you can do to change God’s Word.

Premarital sex is sin, whether you intend to marry the person or not.

Hahaha! Don’t you just wish! April Fool! Happy April Fool’s day to you!!! I love you all, thanks for reading my blog!