@KevinWithanL posted on Twitter, #WriteAnEssayOn why Emeka Ike considers himself sexy and win a 3 month subscription to GQ or Cosmo magazine.

I had a stressful day and I needed the release so I decided to write the essay…no offence to Mr. Emeka Ike.

Did Emeka Ike become Nollywood’s leading man because he was sexy, or did he become sexy because he was Nollywood’s leading man? This kind of question is what is known as “chicken and egg question” or “JAMB question.” However, for the purpose of this article, we must blame it on Nollywood.

There is the general, albeit erroneous assumption that TDH- “Tall, Dark and Handsome” is what all women desire. Furthermore, when an older woman gets her hands on this kind of man, she won’t give him up without a fight. This is the kind of sexy young man the producers of the English subtitled Igbo movie, Deadly Affair, wanted for the role of Ikechukwu- the sexy, handsome young man on whom the cougar Isabella (Dolly Unachukwu) would cast her lustful gaze and lay her claws. For reasons we may never get to find out, Emeka Ike was chosen for this role, which of course implied, at least to him, that he was sexy.

Emeka Ike is relatively tall, and he’s also dark skinned. In his heyday, his teeming female fans formed the habit of swooning and fawning over him; my aunt never failed to comment excessively on his lovely eyes (don’t ask me), and this kind of behaviour, kept up for an amazing period of time, cemented Mr Ike’s status as “handsome”. The movie roles were rolling in.

Every movie producer wanted Emeka Ike as their leading man. To further inflate his already large ego, they kept on pairing him with beautiful, sexy women. He’s starred beside Omotola Jalade, Rita Dominic, Chioma Chukwuka and of course, Genevieve Nnaji, with whom he acted in almost 10 movies. In fact at that time, it seemed as if Emeka and Genevieve were the only actors in Nollywood. Understandably, the more Emeka looked at and starred beside these sexy women, the more he thought himself sexy. And in the eyes of his fans he became sexy by association, a sorry phenomenon which only served to perpetuate the myth.

We must remember that with all these movie roles came some good money; at his peak Emeka Ike was reputed to be Nollywood’s highest paid actor. Money, as we know, creates a certain brand of pseudo-sexiness to which Naija babes are particularly susceptible. And the effect this has on someone who has come to be considered “sexy” is so astounding that it can only be observed not imagined or reported. As such, the Emeka Ike we knew when he debuted in Deadly Affair was not the same Emeka Ike playing rich guy disguised as poor guy with Chioma Chukwuka (Disguise) and Rita Dominic (Sweet Love).

To make an already bad situation worse, women responded to this “sexiness” or at least pretended to. They hailed and applauded Emeka’s sex appeal even if only in his own ears, so much so that when a HINTS Magazine writer asked Emeka in an interview if he thought he was romantic, our dear actor not only responded along the lines of “of course I am”, he proceeded to tell the writer that if he kissed a tree, the tree would tremble. The relationship between being romantic and eliciting sexual response from a tree still beats me, and the cockiness floating up out of the pages of that interview left me convinced that nothing was going to rob Emeka Ike of his Mr. Sexy status.

Apparently, sexiness and sex appeal were all Emeka could think of, so much so that romance and sex appeal had become one and the same to him. The more he thought himself sexy, the more producers and fans considered him sexy. Soon enough, the situation had spiralled out of control. Emeka Ike was sexy and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

Friends don’t let friends talk to ugly boys (unless said ugly boy is rich, and even then, some friends won’t be moved). Mrs Ike’s friends allowed Emeka Ike to not only talk to their friend, but date her and make her his for life, and as far as we know she was pleased to go with him. To Emeka’s way of thinking, it’s very difficult for an ugly, unsexy man to get a beautiful lady to fall for him, much less marry him. If she’s fair skinned, it’s much more difficult. If this beautiful woman is actually half-caste, then you have to be a hot, sexy guy to get her as your wife. Emeka Ike married “oyinbo”. By achieving this feat, he has proven to all his detractors that he IS sexy. And that, as they say, is that.



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