30 Days of Awesomeness- September 30

So, I set out to accomplish certain goals this month. How did I do? Well, you tell me. I stated my goals here, so let’s review them.

1. I woke up early enough to tackle my intercession list, but I did not finish Proverbs. Will try again next month ­čśÇ

2. I DID eliminate eba completely from my diet. 30 days and not a single ball of eba. Yaaaay!

3. I failed woefully with the 7pm dinner. I’d close by 6pm and run straight to care for my child, do his therapy with him, feed him, bathe him and when he’s finally in bed eat dinner by 9pm or 10pm. There has to be a way, and I’m going to try again in October.

4. I went for my walks, I jumped rope, I feel great!

5. I read. Oh, the joy! I read for pleasure and I’m never going to stop again. It took a lot of strategic planning to do something as simple as read a nice novel in peace, but it was worth it. I read Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge (which she personally autographed for me :D) and I started Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. It’s a long book, I’m still reading it.

And so we’ve come to the end of September. It was indeed an awesome month! However, October will be even more awesome for many reasons…not least of which, my birthday is in October! On the 9th, to be precise. Be sure to buy me a book. Thanks!


In case the “awesome” makes you wonder, yes, I’ve been watching Kung Fu Panda every day. Awesome!




Why I Kissed Church Goodbye

If the title of this post made you worry that I’m turning my back on my Christian Faith, then you’re part of the reason I’m doing this little note. Pardon the bullet points, they make it easier for both of us.

1. I’m sick of the current church system. Been sick of it for a long time, but I found two local assemblies that helped make it easier to bear, at least for a while. Now I no longer have them.

2. When I was in University I was fortunate to be part of the Christian Union, a non-denominational fellowship. For 5 blissful years, I experienced JESUS without the taint of red tape, politics, absurd use of funds, favouritism and all such annoying trappings of “church”. For those years, I lived free of billboards with smiling faces of Mamas and Papas, and programmes that were more about publicity stunts than reaching souls for Christ. Everybody was the same in fellowship. Even the leaders we elected and whose offices we respected, were still brothers and sisters just like us. I gave like never before, because every dime went into ministry work that my heart could feel; activity groups like HOP (Hospitals, Orphanage Homes and Prisons), SSV (Secondary School Visitation), CEM (Children Evangelism Ministry), and the RCA from where rural crusaders went on mission trips to rural areas, to mention a few. Welfare was taken seriously, and anybody could walk up to any member of the Executive Committee, or the Welfare Secretaries (WS Brothers or WS Sisters) if they had a need. Regardless of whether we were brought up Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists or “Pentecostals”, when we gathered, we were Christians. That was all.

3. I was sick with fear to have to go back into the Nigerian Church system again. When I did go back I was miserable, but I had to brave it because I believed I had no choice. I needed the assembling of the brethren on a regular basis. The Bible admonishes us not to forsake it and I could not even do it- for my own well being. Yet, I realised the best fellowship of my life was still finding myself and other believing friends in the home of another believer, and somewhere in the socializing having someone announce, “let’s have church.”

4. Things are worse now. When I was a member of Ikoyi Baptist Church a lot of things brought me relief. I cannot express how glad I was to be rid of the most annoying aspects of Pentecostalism. I won’t list them, but let’s just say this was the closest I came to recovering what I had in University. I embraced it fully. I had huge doses of the things that are important to me in a local assembly; fellowship and service. And I had a pastor whose name you may not know, who doesn’t drive a flashy car, who isn’t a regular in the papers, but who loves God and His people with all his heart. A pastor who, despite pastoring some of the wealthiest believers in Lagos, still answers me when I call him, and comes to minister to me and my family wherever we are. And this, after I have married and joined another church.

5. This other church hubby and I joined after marriage, is okay I guess. Uncomfortable as I may be with the way it’s run like somebody’s personal organization (albeit a wonderful man), and the concerts that gulp huge sums of money, I still managed to go there with hubby, sit and listen to the sermon, praise and worship, and go home. When I had my baby and couldn’t go to church for a while, I realised I felt no different sitting at home and watching sermon DVDs. I get the Word at home, praise, worship and pray. I still need fellowship, but I do not get it in the church; I’m in fact starved for it. So what’s the point of bundling myself every Sunday to go and sit there? It does nothing but tie me to the organisation, forcing me to answer when asked what church I belong to, “XYZ Church.” That is a lie. I do not belong there. It’s best to face the truth. My heart is not in it.

6. I still have the challenge of fellowship. I am working on fixing that. Where two or three are gathered in the Name of Jesus, there He is in the midst of them. There are people in countries hostile to Christianity, who do not gather in any elegant buildings. They meet in homes and have church just like the early church did. So maybe you’ll soon be sending greetings to the church that meets in Joy’s house, or the home of some friend or the other. It will never be registered, but it will definitely provide the fuel we need to go out and make a difference in society.

7. I will make sure my son doesn’t miss out on the great benefits of Children Sunday School and the beautiful programmes tailored for young minds. If I find those trained to teach him better than I can, I will hand him over with joy.┬á┬áAnd I will still attend church whenever my husband wants to go; he will have my company. He doesn’t mind that I don’t belong there. And no, Jesus doesn’t mind either.


Family Life

Happy Birthday, My Firstborn

On the 3rd of September 2012, this precious little man made me a mother. I blogged about it here.

Osa Collage
How Time Flies…

It’s been an amazing year, full of ups and downs through which Jehovah has been faithful. ┬áMy son has completely changed my life, and I love him so much my heart sometimes threatens to burst. And I’m humbled by his unconditional love for me.

Clap for Jesus!
Clap for Jesus!

Every day, I teach him the memory verse I have been reciting in his hearing from his days as a tiny preemie in the incubator.

“By You I have been upheld from birth, you are He who brought me out of my mother’s womb; my praise shall continually be of You.” ~ Psalm 71:6

Happy Birthday, honey bunny. I love you more than words can say, and I love you even more with each passing day. ┬áTime does fly, and I know you’ll be grown and doing your own thing before I know it. I’m going to enjoy every minute of raising you for The Kingdom. His grace is sufficient for me.

My Little Husband
My Little Husband

“So much to say, and so little time left to say it; just love the LORD, above all else.” ~ Stormie Omartian


Baby Steps to Better Skin- Update

So far, hmmm….

Face Cleanser: I’m using the AMBI Complexion Cleansing Bar for now. When this bar runs out, I’ll see how much better my face is. If I still have pimples, I’m going for a liquid cleanser with salicylic acid.

Face Moisturizer: I’m not on this yet, because I’m still treating my dark spots with AMBI Fade Cream. As soon as they’re all gone, I’ll decide what to use.

Body Lotion:┬áMy skin reacted negatively to E-45 so I stopped it. Right now I’m using Vaseline Cocoa Butter. It doesn’t really give my skin enough moisture, but I’ll stick with it until I finish this bottle. Then I’m getting AMBI moisturizing lotion with Olive Oil and Shea Butter.

Exfoliating: The gloves are working just fine!


30 Days of Awesomeness- September 1

My goal this month is simple; be good to my spirit, soul and body. One thing I have learnt this year is that small changes make a huge difference. So I’m committing to 5 small things this month;

1. Wake up early enough to read one chapter of Proverbs every day (two on the last day) and tackle my intercession list.

2. Eliminate eba from my diet completely

3. Don’t eat dinner later than 7 pm

4. Resume daily power-walking, and jump rope indoors on days when I can’t go out

5. Read a good portion of a book or blog for leisure every day.

That last bit is important to me because, as a writer and editor, I read books, blogs and magazines every day for work, but I rarely have time to just lie down and read a book for my own enjoyment.

I had dinner at 7 pm today. I couldn’t go out for a walk, so I’ve done 15 minutes of skipping. I’m off to read Proverbs 1, pray for my brothers, and start Anna Karenina.