30 Days of Awesomeness- September 1

My goal this month is simple; be good to my spirit, soul and body. One thing I have learnt this year is that small changes make a huge difference. So I’m committing to 5 small things this month;

1. Wake up early enough to read one chapter of Proverbs every day (two on the last day) and tackle my intercession list.

2. Eliminate eba from my diet completely

3. Don’t eat dinner later than 7 pm

4. Resume daily power-walking, and jump rope indoors on days when I can’t go out

5. Read a good portion of a book or blog for leisure every day.

That last bit is important to me because, as a writer and editor, I read books, blogs and magazines every day for work, but I rarely have time to just lie down and read a book for my own enjoyment.

I had dinner at 7 pm today. I couldn’t go out for a walk, so I’ve done 15 minutes of skipping. I’m off to read Proverbs 1, pray for my brothers, and start Anna Karenina.


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