30 Days of Awesomeness- September 30

So, I set out to accomplish certain goals this month. How did I do? Well, you tell me. I stated my goals here, so let’s review them.

1. I woke up early enough to tackle my intercession list, but I did not finish Proverbs. Will try again next month 😀

2. I DID eliminate eba completely from my diet. 30 days and not a single ball of eba. Yaaaay!

3. I failed woefully with the 7pm dinner. I’d close by 6pm and run straight to care for my child, do his therapy with him, feed him, bathe him and when he’s finally in bed eat dinner by 9pm or 10pm. There has to be a way, and I’m going to try again in October.

4. I went for my walks, I jumped rope, I feel great!

5. I read. Oh, the joy! I read for pleasure and I’m never going to stop again. It took a lot of strategic planning to do something as simple as read a nice novel in peace, but it was worth it. I read Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge (which she personally autographed for me :D) and I started Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. It’s a long book, I’m still reading it.

And so we’ve come to the end of September. It was indeed an awesome month! However, October will be even more awesome for many reasons…not least of which, my birthday is in October! On the 9th, to be precise. Be sure to buy me a book. Thanks!


In case the “awesome” makes you wonder, yes, I’ve been watching Kung Fu Panda every day. Awesome!




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