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Men I’ve Loved Before: Demystifying “The One”


Sometime ago I was reminded of the concept of “The One” when I found an old, long-forgotten list I had titled “Things I Worry About When I Think of My Upcoming Nuptials”. Right there, at Number 6, I’d written: “I’ll never meet The One, ever. It’s over. This is it. Boo hoo hoo.”

I decided to write an article about this The One thing. To read the article, click here and do let me know your thoughts. Cheers!


The Sun, My Sun, is in Your Face

Two years ago, my friend Obiajulu introduced me to Il Volo. You may never have heard of this group, but watching these teenagers make such pure music… I just worship God.


In 2007, an okada rider who became my regular told me why crappy music exists. He said they do not listen to God, who gives songs in the night (Job 35:10). I laughed. But it is evident that Il Volo’s talent is from heaven above. Every note turns my heart to the One who made music.

My favourite is their version of the Italian/Neapolitan classic, O Sole Mio.  Many greats have done it, including Luciano Pavarotti. None of the covers have ever produced the sensations this one does in me. Maybe it’s the marriage of the parts complementing each other. Maybe it is knowing that they’re so young, and so blessed. Maybe it’s watching them work so smoothly together instead of singing solo. I don’t know.

Schadenfreude is the word for the secret feeling of pleasure over someone’s ill fortune.

Why hasn’t anyone coined a word for that feeling you get when music is oh, oh, oh so good?

You don’t need to know what they’re saying to enjoy their art, but you can find lyrics and translation here.

“But another sun…The sun, my own sun, is upon your face.”


It’s My Birthday!

Father, thank You for preserving my life and keeping me in good health! Thank You for the many blessings You’ve showered me with, for my sins that are forgiven, for the better, brighter days ahead. I’m grateful for everything, and incredibly happy and excited to be growing into the woman You created me to be!

And my people! I’m feeling the love from friends and family (Twitter Friends and Family especially, wow!); I’m warm and fuzzy all over. I just want to say thank you for all the prayers and wonderful wishes! God bless YOU, may your path ever be flooded with the brightness of His countenance!

And to my October friends who have zealously been chanting “Libra Rocks!” and “Libras Rule!”, I feel you because I remember how it used to be, rocking the most fabulous star sign ever. I would however like to seize this opportunity to remind you of this post.

Most of us would not consider visiting a babalawo to tell us things about ourselves and our future, but we stick with horoscopes because they appear harmless and pretty, and boy do they make us feel good! Sadly, the forces that power the Zodiac are not of Christ, so we know whose they are; there are only two sides. The pretty packaging belies the danger and spiritual uncleanness underneath; not stuff we should have anything to do with, as friends of God. He hates it. And we love God.

Once again, thanks for all the love, blessings and encouragement! I’m going back to my loud music and chocolate cake and small chops… love and light!



October- 31 Days of Bodaciousness!

It’s just 5 days into the new month, and my plate is doubly full already! Between work, mothering, “wifing”, ministering and trying to finish writing my book, I’m still looking forward to the day when I can tweet, or update my status/PM with the phrase, “I’m bored”. I doubt it will ever happen though!

This month i joined the LA Family (Learn & Apply). It’s a virtual bible study group, and #LA130 commenced on the 1st. #LA130 is a bible reading plan; we’re reading through the entire New Testament in 130 days. Please, please, do join us! To learn more please follow @TheLAfamily on Twitter, or click here to get information plus the reading plan. You will enjoy it!!

LA Badge

In other news, I’m still reading Anna Karenina (it’s a long book) and I just started the Book of the Month with my Blackberry book club (The Unnamed Book Club), Chika Unigwe’s On Black Sisters Street. Both are different kinds of compelling!

What are you reading?



Yep, still watching Kung Fu Panda every evening. Bodacious and Awesome! :p