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Twitter TL- Did Nigeria Give The Missing Girls to Boko Haram?

young girl is a victim of abduction

Our Chibok girls have been missing for over two weeks. @Cherox suggests that perhaps Nigeria knowingly gave out the missing girls and we were never supposed to know or care…

She tweets:

If the reports are true, we might have to admit that some of these girls will not come back, they’ve crossed borders to remote areas. If these reports are also to be believed, these girls were moved after at least 1 week in the Sambisa forest. So the reason why some of these girls will never see their families again is because of the deliberate slow action. At some point when you just look at the facts, you have to admit to yourself that these girls were given out by Nigeria.

1. The girls were taken, days later when the news story didn’t die down, the army LIES that most have been rescued.

2. We believe that lie & celebrate until the principal debunks this lie and says they’re still missing. Army is mum.

3. Parents start entering the forest to search for their children. The parents are unescorted by ANY SECURITY FORCES.

4. BH releases threats that if the searches in the forest aren’t stopped they will kill. Admitting they’re in the forest.

5. A week and some days pass before the President summons a security meeting and demands these girls be looked for.

6. This is only after the missing girls start to make international news and the story can no longer be ignored.

7. After this, the reports of girls being seen in pickup vehicles in Gwoza & closer to borders start coming in.

8. Now the story is that these girls have been married off/sold into sex slavery in Chad & Cameroun.

9. Now admittedly, I do watch a bit of TV, so maybe my imagination is too wild, but can nobody else see what I see?

10. These girls were taken, we were not supposed to know about it or care about it. When we did, what did they do? LIE

11. The army would only lie about finding these girls if they NEVER INTENDED TO LOOK FOR THEM! Now why wouldn’t you look?

12. You don’t look for something you knowingly gave away. But the lie didn’t last long& (un)fortunately, outsiders heard.

13. No need to go further, look over the facts yourself. It seems like these girls were GIVEN AWAY. That should scare you.

14. If you don’t care about the girls, care about that.

Personally, I’m still wondering why the ARMY LIED. They didn’t rescue the girls, didn’t even look, and they just lied to us. Why would they do that? Why were they trying to deceive us? It’s not like it’s a joke, over 200 girls! Why such behaviour?

I’d like to know your thoughts, please leave a comment. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Twitter TL- Did Nigeria Give The Missing Girls to Boko Haram?”

  1. I was reluctant to believe the conspiracy theories…I guess I wanted badly to believe people couldn’t be so callous, that things weren’t as bad as they’ve been made out to be, that the Government cared, and when I heard some of the girls had been rescued, I was happy…My Government is working. But when the truth came and the military and our government were suddenly quiet, I started to believe that the girls were indeed given out, that at least someone in power was aware. The circumstances surrounding their alleged kidnap is surreal. Why was that school open when all (or most) of the schools in that area were shuttered? How did a lorry laden with uniformed girls pass undetected through the streets of a state supposedly under a State Of Emergency?? Most importantly, WHY DID THE ARMY LIE???

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