Why I Went Back To Church

Why I Went Back To Church

What should one do when one believes that some practices of their church are not in accordance with what the Bible says? Leave?

Initially I was sure leaving was the answer. I cannot stand to be called a member of XYZ Church if I don’t believe in all they do. Or can I? I felt that I had to agree with everything that was being done in my church, in order to be a member. And I didn’t, so I quit church.

During my time away, I spent long hours in prayer and meditation. And I learnt a few vital things which I will share in this blog post. The Word of God is active and living, sharper than any two-edged sword, to the dividing of bone and marrow. I believe! I’m a witness.

The summary of what I learnt during my time away from church is this; Christ is not coming to rapture any one organisation. If I’m looking for a single perfect place of fellowship where there are no mistakes or human errors interfering, I may not find it. If we were all to leave our local assemblies because of things we believe are not in accordance with the Apostles’ teachings, we would all stay home.

One should not be under the leadership of charlatans and thieves of course. I refer here to matters of doctrine and dogma. The Bible warns of “doctrines of devils” because they do exist. May God give us discernment. Barring that though, draw near to God.

I long for the Biblical Church; but I have found that leaving one’s local assembly is not always the answer. When tares were found among the wheat the Master did not ask for them to be uprooted or for the wheat to run away. “Let them grow together.”

If you are growing spiritually where you are you shouldn’t let what you don’t agree with rob you of that. This is my sincere humble opinion. If you can bring change where you are so that things are done differently to God’s glory, please do so.

When we see each other we should encourage love for everyone, truth & justice, care for orphans, widows & those in hospital and prison. As long as it lies in our power we should pursue peace with ALL men, and holiness without which no man will see God. (Hebrews 12:14)

Don’t be blind. By all means know what is right and what is wrong in your church. If you can bring change, do. If you are growing, stay.

When it’s all been said and done, there is just one thing that matters; did I do my best to live for Truth? Did I live my life for You?

Spending money on concerts, jets and other such things, when people cannot feed and pay school fees, is painful and hard to bear. Missionaries are on the field in the hinterland taking the good news to the unreached, and you will weep if you see how their families suffer. There are people in church who don’t even have enough money to go back home, clothes threadbare, but leaders are feeding fat. It is painful, oh so painful.

So is leaving the answer? Not always. If we all leave will that help? No. The answer is in each of us putting our own faith to work. God will handle them. But you and me, let’s do our part. Let’s share the good news, let’s empower those we can. It’s the power of ONE.


“For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed Me…I was naked, and you didn’t give Me clothing.” “Lord, when did we ever see You…and not help?”

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me”

Matt 25:31-46. Enough said.

When you have, give. If you see a need and know someone who can help, call their attention to it. Empower people by sharing information.

If you have a leader’s ear, or know someone who does, bring suggestions. How about skill acquisition training? Career seminars? Gather friends and go visit the orphanages, hospitals and prisons together. Start a scholarship fund together.

We had these units in my school fellowship, and some churches I’ve been in before. The giving was crazy. Even students!!

Do you know that Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t take collection in church? The whole work is funded by members on a personal level. Lesson? People will give cheerfully and lavishly to the work of the ministry. People will give grudgingly or not at all to enrich the pockets of one or a few. People like me anyway…

We are now learning to stop waiting on Government to do what is right. Can we stop waiting on church leaders and get on with the work?




14 thoughts on “Why I Went Back To Church”

  1. Nne I won’t lie, I have waited for this post.
    I read the post on why I left church sometime back n truly, I felt funny. I really wanted to ask you more but I didn’t think we were that close. Plus you seemed mature anyways.
    So I shut up. But didn’t stop thinking on it. I know I kept on saying ‘No, leaving is not the answer ‘
    I am happy to read this. We would NEVER find a perfect church. Y? Cos even you and I are far from perfect.
    Thankfully, this salvation business is personal, and our Chi looks beyond the physical right into our hearts.
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I love this post.

  2. NCCF was where I realized true fellowship. And till now I am yet to experience that kind of fellowship (except LA Family MeetUps). My home church is okay but I feel
    like I should move on. But sincerely it would never be NCCF. In your honest opinion what do I do?

    1. Nnamdi my dear brother, I will give you the advice I received from a very dear pastor when I was leaving close-knit fellowship for a huge church; “find a fellowship within the fellowship.” That’s what he told me when I complained about how I would cope. So, if your issue is fellowship, then I can tell you that this works. It is what has helped me so far (since I returned to church) and I recommend it. It could be a home cell, or couples’ fellowship, or men’s fellowship within the larger parish. Congregations were meant to be small for precisely this reason; intimate fellowship. So don’t be lost in the sea of a cathedral. Find a fellowship within.

  3. I have read both posts about Church. Very honest i must say.

    What works for me is, ‘Knowing God Myself’, Adopting doctrines that are beneficial for my Spiritual Growth, and Ignoring the rest.

    I’m an active member in my church, but some things i see are really discouraging. Personal believes turned doctrine, Double standards (Two People “Sin and Repent”, one is quickly receive with open arms because he/she is an active or loved member, the other is subconsciously labelled a “Sinner for Life” and Ostracized), people faking their personalities just to be in Pastors good books and consequently “Cabals” are formed.

    I have had to convince some people to stay back, others still left because they could not handle the segregation. Those who left were not followed up, they were perceived as not being active (but they joined the choir and were regular for a while, how active were they expected to be?). If Jesus only reached out to active followers i wonder what the early church would have looked like.

    Truth is Modern day church is gradually loosing sight of what church should really be, but we need it to check some aspects of our lives and grow we should also try to reach out in our little way.

    Joy, i am not much of a writer oh, but the honesty in your posts always wakes up a part of me that can write. LOL!

    1. My dear, you know every! Personally, I think we need to return to the Biblical faith. There’s too much falsehood; too many false doctrines and un-Christlike practices. As you have said, knowing God yourself is vital, but we cannot exclude fellowship. I think we need to begin to realise that we do not need these “churches”, they are organizations of men. We ARE the Body of Christ and as long as we can gather as a family to fellowship wherever we are, we will be alright.

  4. So I read the first post. With this, I’ll just say #dassall!

    May God help us all.

    Oh, lemme chip in this, be the change you want to see in your church. Let other people see your good deeds and glorify God. Shikena

  5. I totally agree with the last contributor… we are all Christ-like… We believe in one true God and can effect changes that can ripple into greater things…always pray and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit! May God bless us and enrich us! Amen

  6. An answer I fed myself quite recently. A beautiful sister in law once told me ” if you are looking for gossip in the church, you will find it but if you are seeking for Jesus with all your heart, you shall surely find him”

    Need I say more?

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