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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Natural Nigerian

Natural Nigerian Lime

I love blogs, and you should too! I’ll be sharing with you some blogs I’ve reviewed for Connect Nigeria, and some I just discovered. The very first one I’m sharing is Natural Nigerian. This blog is just an awesome eye opener! If you’re embracing the natural lifestyle- not just hair- then this is one blog you should spend time on. It’s a great resource for living as naturally as possible in Nigeria. You’ll be amazed to learn how embracing natural food, drinks and practices will improve the quality of your life. No, no, you think you know but you actually don’t!

Do you know how instant noodles destroys your health? Are you pooing the right way? Oh, you didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to poo? Aha. This isn’t about making you paranoid, its about encouraging you to take care of your body…the natural way. Click here to read the review; there’s a link to the blog at the end of it. Enjoy!


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