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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Not Freshly Squeezed

Not Freshly Squeezed blog

I miss Jonas Dogara’s blog posts. Badly. At this time when my every thought, waking and sleeping, is linked to what we can do to bring Nigerians closer, instill and sense of nationhood and mobilise everyone to build a New Nigeria, it is people like Jonas I need in my corner. I love, love, love his blog, Not Freshly Squeezed. You can click here to read a review I did on the blog.

He blogs in Pidgin, exercising “that thing wey dey between my ears” and sharing amazing insights on nation building and social responsibility. He blogs against stereotypes (his post, No Be All Calabar Girls is hilarious), keeping up with the joneses, and of course, shares his thoughts on the deplorable state of social amenities in our country.

Jonas is hopeful that, with enough of us doing the right thing, we will see a great Nigeria. I would love to sit down with Jonas and talk about the way forward for our country; in pidgin. I recorded a voice note here, the first in the #NigeriaTalking series, and Amara Nwankpa responded promptly his response here. You can record yours using the #NigeriaTalking hashtag too.

I would give a lot to hear what Jonas Dogara has to say in his own #NigeriaTalking voice note. In Nigerian Pidgin, of course 🙂



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