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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Sisi Yemmie

sisi yemmie nigerian blogger

I fell in love with this blog the very first day I visited, and I did a little review here. Nobody likes to give correct gist like Sisi Yemmie. Forget all those silly gossip sites. The pure, unadulterated art of gist giving is what I’m talking about.  In fact, her blog used to be called gistdotcom before her market became big. She’s engaged to Yomi (Bobo) and you can find yummy stories about love, long distance relationships and long term relationships on her blog. My favourite of course is when he proposed to her. Se ehn, this is a Yoruba girl who lived in Warri and went to school in Benin. Wayray, I’m telling you!

And she can cook! Haaa, lots of recipes on this blog- including her popular “let it burn” jollof rice. Now Maggi has carried her as ambassador. Did I mention her market is now big? Halleluyah! She is also good at painting her face and playing with nice hairstyles, so if you like fine girl blogs, be sure to visit.

I went by her blog today because, right before she put up her latest post, she asked if there’s a nicer word for the male organ than “penis” so of course I was curious. What was the post about? Find your way to http://www.sisiyemmie.com and see!


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