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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Chloe’s Makeover

Doyin Ubani

If you visit Chloe’s Makeover, you won’t believe it’s a new blog. Doyin Ubani decided to start blogging, and threw herself into it for real! Admirable commitment!

Mrs. Ubani is a psychologist turned make up artist (she trained with Banke Meshida) and she’s totally passionate about dolling up- I love how she uses her own face, look at that photo!

She treats her readers to various make-up looks (Look of the Day), tries out products and tells them what she thinks in her awesome, detailed reviews, and is generous with photos! There are many beauty blogs I love, for various reasons, but when a professional make up artist blogs? You gotta sit down and take notes!

My favourite post? The one she did for make up novices like me, about the basic things that should be in a make up purse. Me I still deleted some things from the list for my own purse sha, because me and make up ehn…let’s just say I prefer admiring it on other people’s faces. Oya, visit the blog and look at pretty photos! 😀


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