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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Kiah’s Script


How can I describe Kiah’s writing? Prose like poetry…in the most awesome way. If you love good stories, you’ll love this blog. She writes from a place deep within her, I don’t know how she has it because sometimes I read her stories and I think she’s too young to write like that.

Once, I saw a story without her name on it and I said, “This is Kiah. The sadness is Kiah. The exotic names are Kiah. The mesmerizing prose is Kiah.” I was right.

Then the way the stories keep pouring out of her…Love lost, sickle cell, family, motherhood, infertility, gorgeous doctors, faith…Kiah’s well just never runs dry. Fiction that keeps you wanting more, and more, because it’s so deliciously made up and yet so real.

She delivers. Every single time. And I love it. 



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