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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Beauty in Lagos


Growing up, I was dismayed to learn that the sense of competition in people often overpowers the inclination to collaborate. Not many people seemed as eager as I was to share what they knew or how they acquired what they had.

That’s why people who show others the way have a special place in my heart- people like Ez of the award-winning blog, Beauty in Lagos (A Lady’s Guide To All Things Girly In Lagos).

None of that “if I tell you where I bought it, you’ll get yours and outshine me.” “If I show you how I did it, you’ll do it and be better than me.” This intelligent, beautiful woman knows who she is and she’s not afraid to help others be who they are. That’s right, you’ll never be me and I’ll never be you, so shine your shine, I shine my shine. 😀

And oh how she shines! Please read this review I wrote, or go straight to Beauty in Lagos.


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