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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Fairy Godsister’s Blog


If you love reading, please allow me to introduce you to the delightful pleasures of Fairy Godsister’s Blog.

Collaboration: If you like reading posts by good writers, you’ll love blogs that host writers regularly! You come most likely because you like to read what I write. What it you could read interesting pieces from various writers without moving from site to site? Fairy Godsister grants this wish via her 31 Days, 31 Writers series. The more the merrier!

Giveaways: She doesn’t do it often, but you want to hang around because when she does, it’s awesome; if you’re a bookworm, that is. If you’re not really into books and reading, you’re not likely to find a thrill here for now, unless you love…

Spiritual Food: The Fairy Godsister knows where good spiritual food is served, and she’s not stingy!

Sometime in February, I had a chat with a Pastor friend of mine, and what started out as me doing him a favor turned out to be the fulfillment of the perfect plan of God for him to mentor me. Apparently he had received this word as far back as 2009 but at the time we spoke (2014) the time was right. Don’t you just love God and the way He absolutely plans things?

Anyway, by the end of the evening (and we must have talked for a little under four hours), I was the proud owner of a beautiful Message Bible, and Rick Warren’s ‘The Purpose Driven Life’. Whoop!

I dug up a book by my Father in the Lord, Pastor Obi Goodheart Ekwueme which just has little pearls of wisdom for each day and so my devotion literally revolves around these two and a devotionals on my phone on the YouVersion App. This particular one is a 40-day Bible reading plan, created by Hillsongs (my home church), whoop!

So! I started on all three, and brethren (testimony mode), it’s been great! Some days I’ve been so excited with the new knowledge I glean that I call my Momma to preach it to her! PS – my Momma has prayed all three of us into loving the Lord, and am I grateful for that or what!

See what I mean? Go ahead and have fun!


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