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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Diary of a Lady Whose Lover Is Her LORD


The life of a single woman who follows Christ is a very interesting one. Posts on this blog make me remember faith and trust in a time of uncertainty. In the midst of the challenges, loneliness and doubt, she must find joy in her Maker. She must hide her heart in Him.

Questions, questions, questions. Is God really good? What am I supposed to be doing to speed up this process? How will I know him when I see him? Lord, could you please get my mother off my back? Gosh, another birthday and I’m not married yet…on and on. The question of the will of God is one of great concern for this blogger; nobody wants to make a mistake in marriage. She writes:

Growing up, you would always hear messages that went something like this; ‘God’s Will is difficult and your flesh will always fight it, but you would need to submit to it because God knows best and in the long run you will see it’s for your good’.  I heard it so much that my mind got it twisted because the emphasis then was placed on the Will being difficult than it was for my good. They made it sound like  when your mother would force you  to drink ‘agbo’(a traditional fever concoction drink) because she knew it would make you well, but that didn’t change the taste of the drink( I still cringe at the thought of those memories).

I’m glad she knows where to find answers. Yes, God is good. Yes, He will bring the right partner your way at the right time. No, he won’t force you to marry a man you do not like simply because it’s “His Will” or whatever other lies the enemy uses to torment the waiting heart.

This is a new blog, with only a few posts, but it’s one I will definitely be following!


1 thought on “30 Days, 30 Blogs: Diary of a Lady Whose Lover Is Her LORD”

  1. Everybody’s getting married these days, but start to doubt the union between 1 to 5 years into it. Me, am thinking, is marriage not fast becoming a social vogue thing, something society expects of us as a status symbol? Ok, I remember now, God ordained it!:)

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