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30 Days, 30 Blogs: Aspilos


I just discovered this blog today! The link that was tweeted at me led to a post that just blew me away. How many times have I longed for the spiritual zeal and fire of my younger days? Only a few months ago, I struggled through a 21-day fast and I could not believe what I had become! On a normal day I can stay without food till afternoon, but let fasting day come…wonderment. Na during fasting naim food dey scent pass o, chei!

It read like something I could have written. I gobbled it up, savouring every bite, and then quickly went on to check out as many others as time would permit me. Apart from her posts about her faith, she also writes fiction and non-fiction posts in different categories, on topics ranging from rape and health awareness to being Nigerian and making a difference.

Passion for God, passion for country (which does not attempt to deny sad facts!) and passion for purposeful living; what’s not to love? In fact, when I opened the page the first thing I noticed was a quote that resonated with me, because I believe there’s strength in numbers and when it comes to starting a revolution in Nigeria, we need enough people committed to doing the right thing!

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” ~ Howard Zinn

Many Nigerians like to go to church and rant on social media but not actually DO anything to contribute to a better nation. Show Simi Olusola your faith without action, and she will show you her faith by her actions!

What do I love most about this blog? The fact that the blogger has an understanding that’s very important for every true follower of Christ: we do the things we do to please God not so that He will love us, but because He does.

See the mercy seat lifted above the judgement seat! Grace!

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: How to Love Igbo Things (Or What You Will)


I have always loved Igbo people and culture. I cannot count how many times, growing up, I said in my mother’s hearing “I like Igbo people” to which she would always reply “And you resemble them.”

I’ve tried to figure out why, and the closest I’ve come is the NTA series, Things Fall Apart, which I not only sat down to drink in as a child, but played and replayed, soaking up every nuance, thanks to my father who recorded every episode. My young mind, overdosing on all that delicious language and culture, most likely caught the bug that has refused to let go- Igbophilia.

So you can imagine my delirious excitement when I first stumbled on this blog which was created maka ihu n’anya ihe Igbo nile – for the love of all things Igbo! I just come here to satisfy my craving, and this blogger is so good! Her  intelligence, linguistic competence and humour make me giddy with delight.

She also has links to resources that can help you learn everyday Igbo words, including YouTube videos.

Sigh. I’m in love…

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: Koolstory


Someone sent me the link to this blog and told me I would like it. There are very few fiction blogs I enjoy, so I was pleasantly surprised to find she was right!

The first thing that attracted me to the blog was the Bible verse I saw preceding the story. I couldn’t wait to see the connection, and that story was sooo hilarious and real, I chuckled for days! It was a story about 2 girls gatecrashing a wedding, only to be turned back at the gate, when their names were not found in the guest list. Guess the scripture verse for this one.

This blogger writes about things that we can relate to; scenarios that are familiar, characters we can recognise. And I think that’s what I find most enjoyable. I subscribed immediately.

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: Longer, Harder


Let me just tell you, the most random musings and observations you have ever heard are on this blog. Deep things of life! Like, how you know there is a God because of agbalumo.

“I think there is a lot of insight to be gained from agbalumos. Sometimes, you buy a spotless agbalumo with taut skin, a curved stem and sharply pointed peak and find a withered, dark red skin. Other times, I buy a spotted agbalumo with a weak peak, a gaping hole in place of a steam and inside I find milky goodness, fleshy innards and I know there is a God. Surely, it is not a matter of knowledge to select the perfect agbalumo, it’s God.”

This blogger has a cleaner in his office he added on his bbm. The cleaner’s bbm username is ‘Afo Baba Cash Money’ with dollars signs in between.

What of the time when he started working in a multinational full of expatriates?

As I wanted to enter the loo the other day, an Oriental stepped out. Sometimes, sitting on the toilet bowl here I think deep- of the shits that have gone before me: that of Orientals, Hispanics and Greeks, of my humble shit joining theirs in a global commingling and intermingling, of how far my shit had to travel to be here, of how this bowl all brings us together.”

He also sends songs to his followers if they want. A funny guy who is also sweet. Too cool. Check out this blog!


30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: The Dark Corner


I enjoy intelligent people, and I enjoy intelligent writers even more; but most of all, I enjoy intelligent writers with a great sense of humour. And that’s why I enjoy The Dark Corner! Elnathan John makes me laugh, and laugh, and laugh, all the while teaching me important things I need to know (and others I do not need to know!” He also writes serious, thought-provoking articles.

Elnathan is an amazing writer. We’ve been telling him o, he’s been forming “I just dey try” but when he was nominated for the Caine Prize, he finally stopped trying to deny it.

Everybody knows that my favourite series on his blog is the How To series which he since concluded. The satirical commentary series includes posts like How to Participate in the Destruction of Nigeria, How To Behave Like a Car Owner, How to be a Nigerian Mechanic, etc. In fact, I want to use this medium to ask you guys to remind him that he promised us a “How To” book. Thank you.

If you’re a Nigerian, you have to read every single one of those! You just have to!



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30 Days, 30 Blogs: I.Am.Ope



Ope is a journalist and editor who works in magazine publishing. She’s also a wife, mother, “master chef” and a guitar player. She writes about her life experiences in her blog, which is essentially a journal.

I enjoy her posts about writing (Life as a Writer, Good Grammar & Credibility. etc) but it’s her posts about being a mum (Joys of Motherhood, May 16th, Being a Mommy, etc) that I truly relish.

Of all the bloggers I’ve read, she’s one person I would really love to meet and be friends with. Read my review of her blog, or go straight to I.AM.OPE and enjoy.

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: Beauty in Lagos


Growing up, I was dismayed to learn that the sense of competition in people often overpowers the inclination to collaborate. Not many people seemed as eager as I was to share what they knew or how they acquired what they had.

That’s why people who show others the way have a special place in my heart- people like Ez of the award-winning blog, Beauty in Lagos (A Lady’s Guide To All Things Girly In Lagos).

None of that “if I tell you where I bought it, you’ll get yours and outshine me.” “If I show you how I did it, you’ll do it and be better than me.” This intelligent, beautiful woman knows who she is and she’s not afraid to help others be who they are. That’s right, you’ll never be me and I’ll never be you, so shine your shine, I shine my shine. 😀

And oh how she shines! Please read this review I wrote, or go straight to Beauty in Lagos.

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: Dooney’s Kitchen


See, because of Adunni Obata I will find my way to my husband’s heart through his stomach, every day forever and ever!

To understand the awesomeness that is Dooney’s Kitchen, you have to do simple arithmetic: passion for food+ seriously skilled-in-the-kitchen mother + Ijebu grandma + half Bini, half Ghanaian grandma+Igbo friends = Adunni who can cook for Africa!

Thai Fragrant Yam Pottage, Ofe Akwu, Atama Soup, Bini Owo Soup, Efik Fisherman’s Soup, Ofe Onugbu, Mosa, Tapioca, Coconut Jollof Rice…she has a whole “recipespaedia” on here!!!!

I love Dooney’s Kitchen.


Someday soon, I will make my first Ofe Oha/Ora. Best believe my laptop will be in the kitchen with me, with this blog open on the screen!

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: The Naija Writer



When I followed a link to this blog from Twitter, I had no plans to resist The Naija Writer’s charms; which was a good thing because as soon as I opened that first post I knew I didn’t stand a chance. I can’t get enough of this blog. She delights my soul with her articles, stories and poems. But that’s not all; her passion spills over into everything she does.

She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, not afraid to stand for what she believes is right, not afraid of the road less travelled…indeed she seems to have to fears at all! How many writers have the courage to stand up publicly and demand to be paid for their art? Her #PayWriters / #NoFreeWriting campaign brought the plight of many writers to our attention! How many bloggers have the guts to put up a “DONATE” button on their blog? Yes…if you enjoy it shouldn’t you support it?

While some silently sulk about issues, this blogger writes about them with passion. In fact, my review of this blog is where I fully express the way I feel about The Naija Writer. This blog is all kinds of amazing!

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: Yoruba Girl Dancing


When I first found this blog, I was overwhelmed with pleasure, and the anticipation of more pleasure. Bim Adewumi loves life, and it shows in the way she lives it and the way she writes about it. I reviewed it with great relish.

I remember thinking as I read post after post, that I probably should learn to be more deliberate about enjoying my life and savour every precious moment, and every delightful thing. As a matter of fact, I can’t get enough of her “Why I Love…” series! She knows why she loves ice-cream, dresses, mascara, Black Beauty Supply Shops, glasses…you can tell she not only loves them, she loves loving them! Do you know why you love what you love? 

Much like her counterpart in Simi Bedford’s novel, Yoruba Girl Dancing (after which her blog is named, I figure), Bim is Nigerian, and Yoruba, but she is also quite English- and thanks to her love of travel she infuses her blog with so many other flavours. Bookmark it!