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Joysuo: Twitter TL- Dr. Tony Rapu’s #MarriedMen

Yesterday was a wonderful day for many, not only because of the World Cup finale, but because of Dr. Tony Rapu’s Twitter TL.

Dr, Rapu is Senior Pastor of This Present House, Lekki, Lagos, and he posted a series of wonderful tweets with the hashtag #MarriedMen. People who are familiar with my ministry will understand why this was exciting for me. These tweets were a confirmation of things I’ve been saying- more delicious coming from a man though!

Here are a few of them:


Working on your marriage is also the man’s job.

Stroke your wife’s hair.

Don’t call your wife mummy. She is not your mum.

Read a book together with your wife. A book in the bible is a good idea.

Stop shouting at your wife. She can hear you.

Spend a weekend at a hotel with your wife.

The bible says your prayers will be bouncing back from the ceiling when you don’t treat your wife with respect (1 Peter 3:7)

Please leave your parents out of your marriage. She didn’t marry your father.

Your wife is not inferior and should not be made to feel so.

Be a spiritual leader not a spiritual dominator.


All we are saying…

See Dr. Tony Rapu’s TL for more nuggets of wisdom.

Marriage is to be enjoyed, not endured!



Myne Whitman of Romance Meets Life has published a post about Dr. Tony Rapu’s tweets for married men, and she has been so gracious as to storify the tweets so we’ll always have them. Awesome!


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