Do You Love Me?

I blogged over at Girlaware, and thought I should share here.
To keep Your lovely Face ever before my eyes; this is my prayer, make it my strong desire, that in my secret heart no other love competes, no rival throne survives, and I serve only You…

Girl Aware

At First Baptist Church, Ado-Ekiti, there’s a hymn book with my lipstick on it.

You probably cannot imagine how it got there. In 2006 I was a corps member serving in Ado town, and I had fallen in love with a wonderful, intelligent, caring, mature, responsible, hard-working and loving Muslim man.

Aha. You knew there had to be a catch, eh?

I arrived Ekiti full of plans to share the love of the Saviour with teen girls, as I had done as a student. And it was going great. I had met another friend, also named Joy, and together we held monthly meetings for girls in Ado. For our very first meeting we had gone round the schools inviting them on the assembly ground but not expecting many to actually come; we had 200 girls the first day! Oooh, NYSC was going to be good!

Enter my Hausa prince.


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