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3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Marriage Now

There are many articles you can read to help deal with major issues in your marriage; there are even courses you can take to help pull your marriage from the brink. However, sometimes all you need is to infuse your marriage with doses of important vitamins to get the fire burning again. Here are 3 quick moves in the right direction:

1. Touch each other: This is something you can start doing right now, and it isn’t about sex. As babies, touch was one of the first love languages we learnt; till today, mothers are encouraged to bond with their babies by touching and holding them. As adults, touch continues to be important in the bonding process, and it’s a vital tool for injecting new life into your marriage. Hugs, back pats, hand squeezes, etc. send a message of love to your spouse, enhancing intimacy.

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How to Show a Man That You Are Desperate to Marry Him

“You are the reason, you are the reason I wake up every day, sleep through the night, you are the reason, the reeeeeeaaaaason!”

Music is not only about amazing pipes, it is also about singing some of the most moving song lyrics ever written; the direction you are being moved in doesn’t matter, as long as the music sounds great, no? Just look at those words above, and marvel at their depth and beauty.

When you meet a man and he is interested in you (or you’re interested in him), you need to let him know you are really desperate for him to marry you. Let me show you how:

1. Chase him: It doesn’t matter whether he shows interest in you or not. If he isn’t interested, it’s your job to make him interested. Know where he’s going to be, arrange to be there, and make sure he sees you. Perfect the art of bumping into him everywhere. He will understand what the Universe is trying to tell him. Buy him gifts. When you’re buying phone credit, buy for him too. Show him your love. If he insists on not seeing the light, spell it out to him yourself. Tell him, tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes, reach out to him…love will be the gift you give yourself!

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5 Efficiency Tips for Working Mothers

Work-life balance may remain elusive, and even being a stay-at-home-mum is a full time job, but you can still stay on top of your game with these 5 tips from wives and mums around the country.

1. Plan ahead: Sit down on Sunday night and visualize everything you need to get done for the week; then write them down, making a to-do list in your diary or handheld device. Be sure to include everybody who is important in your plans; husband, nanny, older children, etc. Balance out your meetings in order to conserve energy. Try to schedule most of your out-of-office meetings around the same time so you make the most of your being out, and schedule late meetings close to home, so you’re not stuck in traffic faraway when you should be home with family.

2. Double up: This is my personal favourite; it has been of great value to me over the years. Make the best use of those pockets of time you have during the day. Go everywhere with working material or a book you need to finish reading. Make that phone call you’ve been meaning to while you do the dishes. Touch up your nail polish in the cab on your way to the seminar. Listen to your Bible while you sort the laundry. Pack it in, double up!

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7 Things Potential Working Mums Should Know About Work-Life Balance

Actually, there’s one thing you should know really; work-life balance does not exist. Or at least, not in the way you think; everything balanced out equally as with the grace of a juggler, you give your best at home and fly high in your career all the while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fulfilling social life. That said, if you want to be successful at work and also have well-raised children, here are some things you can do to make sure that you come as close to that picture as you can possibly get:

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Joysuo: How to be Married to a Man Who Does Not Know How to be a Husband

No, this post does not provide solutions to that dilemma. One of the most common challenges workers in women’s ministry face today is the changing curriculum. Today, their charge is not simply to learn and teach women how to submit, but also how to submit to HUSBANDS WHO DO NOT LOVE AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH. Many husbands do not know what their leadership role entails; they think it is to bark and roar at their wives. Well done, Lion of the Tribe of my House.

Then there are others who confuse being a good father with being a good husband. You provide for your kids and you even bathe them, therefore you are a good husband.

We have an abundance of older women teaching younger women how to be good wives. We appeal to the older men to please stand up and show the younger ones the way.

I am not here to tell you that your wife has needs, and that if you’re not meeting them you make her vulnerable to advances and pressure from other men. I will leave that to the movies, as I am here to spur you to good works and not to paranoia.

Your wife does not merely need to be provided for; she needs to be pursued, she needs affection, she needs to be listened to and she needs to be LOVED. She is not meant to be chasing you, you are the leader. Unless you set out to be a failure as a husband, then on behalf of Wise Wives all over the world, I charge you as the Spirit does:

“In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church.” Ephesians 5:28-29.

Obedience is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams…

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How to Keep Good Domestic Help

“Overpay and undercriticise,” says Helen Gurley Brown, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years, on how to keep good domestic staff once you get them. Afterall, they take a great burden off you especially if you’re a working mum; they keep your house tidy, help care for your kids, assist in keeping every mouth fed and clothes properly laundered, and may even handle your shopping, thus freeing you to be a better professional, wife and mother. So, how do you keep a good one?

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Top 5 Money Mistakes Young Nigerians Make

Financial education is not included in the curriculum for students in Nigeria, but it should be. It is not enough to make money; it must be managed properly and made to grow. If you find yourself struggling financially, even despite having good income, you are likely to be making one or more of these 5 mistakes. 

1. Living above your means: You need to track your spending and know if you’re living within your means. Spending more than you earn will ensure that you never amount to anything financially. A good place to start is to track your daily spending. Looking at a record of where all your hard earned money really goes is an eye-opener, and you just may be surprised at what you discover. If you’re spending so much that you have nothing to save, you will never know financial freedom no matter how much money you earn. Which brings us to our next point…

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5 Tips Working Parents Should Always Keep In Mind

Recently I had to let my domestic assistant go. Although keeping up with work while taking care of my son has been challenging, I cannot deny the advantages that this opportunity to invest more of myself into raising him has afforded me. For instance, I have had time to re-evaluate the systems I had put in place earlier, and I have found that he has outgrown quite a few of them. I have become better acquainted with his favourite TV characters, and we have spent many precious moments “reading” books together.

Just yesterday I found out about an after school home for kids of parents who have to be away at work all day. The home handles picking the kids up from school, feeding them a warm meal, giving them a bath, getting their homework done, making sure they take a nap, and playing with them until their parents come to pick them up; they are open till 10pm.

While some may balk at the idea of leaving one’s kids in someone else’s care and having the caregiver supervise all these activities, the reality is that working parents with live-in help do pretty much the same thing. Even for a work-from-home mother, delegating certain parts of raising a child in order to attend to clients is inevitable.

So, what can working parents do to provide strong, loving leadership for their children?

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5 Tips to Make Starting Preschool Easier

You can still vividly remember the first time you held your little baby in your arms; wasn’t it just the other day? And now it’s time to enter the world of early learning! Here are 5 tips to help make this new phase of life easier for you and your toddler.

1. Visit your child’s class: Take time out to stop by the class your child will be resuming in when the new session comes. See how the children behave and are cared for. What’s the maximum number of children in a class? How many assistants does the class teacher have? A conversation with the teacher who will be handling your child can go a long way to help ease your fears and equip you to properly assist your little one. Hardly any questions are out of bounds; talk about potty training, lunch breaks, naps and what happens when a child is ill. Ask what you can do to complement the school’s work at home. Take notes.

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5 Things Holding You Back From Starting Your Own Business

Have you been dreaming of starting your own business, and yet somehow that dream hasn’t become reality? One or more of these factors may be holding you back.

1. Fear: You’re afraid of losing the security that comes with paid employment. You’re afraid it won’t work out, all your savings (not to mention investors’ funds!) will go down the drain and you’ll be left empty-handed.

What you can do: Write a comprehensive business plan. Granted, it’s not easy especially if you don’t have a degree in a business-related field, but the research involved in putting one together is just what you need to build and strengthen your muscles.

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