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5 Tips to Make Starting Preschool Easier

You can still vividly remember the first time you held your little baby in your arms; wasn’t it just the other day? And now it’s time to enter the world of early learning! Here are 5 tips to help make this new phase of life easier for you and your toddler.

1. Visit your child’s class: Take time out to stop by the class your child will be resuming in when the new session comes. See how the children behave and are cared for. What’s the maximum number of children in a class? How many assistants does the class teacher have? A conversation with the teacher who will be handling your child can go a long way to help ease your fears and equip you to properly assist your little one. Hardly any questions are out of bounds; talk about potty training, lunch breaks, naps and what happens when a child is ill. Ask what you can do to complement the school’s work at home. Take notes.

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