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5 Tips Working Parents Should Always Keep In Mind

Recently I had to let my domestic assistant go. Although keeping up with work while taking care of my son has been challenging, I cannot deny the advantages that this opportunity to invest more of myself into raising him has afforded me. For instance, I have had time to re-evaluate the systems I had put in place earlier, and I have found that he has outgrown quite a few of them. I have become better acquainted with his favourite TV characters, and we have spent many precious moments “reading” books together.

Just yesterday I found out about an after school home for kids of parents who have to be away at work all day. The home handles picking the kids up from school, feeding them a warm meal, giving them a bath, getting their homework done, making sure they take a nap, and playing with them until their parents come to pick them up; they are open till 10pm.

While some may balk at the idea of leaving one’s kids in someone else’s care and having the caregiver supervise all these activities, the reality is that working parents with live-in help do pretty much the same thing. Even for a work-from-home mother, delegating certain parts of raising a child in order to attend to clients is inevitable.

So, what can working parents do to provide strong, loving leadership for their children?

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