Why I don’t have a househelp…and why you shouldn’t

People laugh at me when I say “My Domestic Assistant” because they think I’m trying to be posh. But it’s not about that. Achalugo does justice to the matter in this insightful post. Be enlightened…



I hate sterotypes, strongly, maybe because I am a victim myself. There is a sport I cannot play, the sport of generalising, of using a one-size-fits-all approach to matters.

I have been seriously referred to as Mammywater, kudos to my Mtn complexion, also all lightskinned females bleach, all pretty females are harlots, add your own. It hurts, stop eeet!

So you must have heard, all househelps are wicked, possessed, lazy, dirty, will snatch your husband, *insert yours here*.

Now, lets kill this sterotype - the ‘I have a househelp sterotype’, I dont, you shouldn’t. Let us replace it with the ‘I have a domestic staff’ one. See? Easy, now we both do not have househelps anymore.

I happen to make up my mind on the kind of person you are, based on the way you treat a domestic staff and (shoot me) nomenclature is a big deal to me. So…

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