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Joysuo: How Virginity Almost Destroyed My Marriage

Someone tweeted a post with that heading and I thought, is there no end to this foolishness? Dear writer of that post, and all others who think their sex life is crappy because they married as virgins, let me let you in on a secret… Everyone was once a virgin. Did you know that? Woooow!

I’d be surprised if you did, because you sound like some people were born virgins and others were not. EVERYBODY was a virgin and then they had sex one day! How does the fact that a woman had sex with a boyfriend first, while your own first time was with your husband, make her good at it and you bad at it? People start having sex, and then they learn and get better at it, period!

Stop sounding like you’re bad in bed because you married as a virgin. You would still be bad in bed if you were having sex with a boyfriend. Good sex is learned, by good learners. And I can already tell you are a very poor learner because instead of thinking of how to improve, like a normal person, you’re whining about virginity being a threat to your marriage. As if the porn star was not also a virgin once.

Please go and take a seat. In fact, take several seats. Your ignorance, not virginity, is to blame.

Who go sabi, go sabi.




23 thoughts on “Joysuo: How Virginity Almost Destroyed My Marriage”

  1. Hahahaha! People forget! Lol! I think it’s just an excuse for giving in to pre-marital sex. The people who have already lost their virginity say this to people just to have one more person in their bad corner -_- that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. If for anything I wish I could get my virginity back, but then, there’s this saying about wishes and horses 😦

    1. You knoow! In many cases it is. It is also an excuse for laziness of all sorts. I don’t know and I don’t want to learn. Blame it on virginity. Awwww, I wasn’t expecting that sad face. The hymen is gone so please, let it go, let it gooooo… God looks on the heart. There is soooo much more to you than your hymen babe. It would be nice to have it back, definitely, but don’t be sad :*

  2. Joy came out roaring this time. And I totally agree with everything you wrote 100% from top to bottom. In short, am sharing this article on my facebook page. People be bashing irgins anyhow as if they were born Pros. Yeye dey boom. Thank you again. Now, this right here, this is why I love you. 🙂 Take five and muah. Xoxo

  3. A big ‘LOL’. Although nothing makes me laugh as a colleague trying to tell me my marriage that I’m keeping my chastity is doomed because I didn’t grab the ‘cookie’. And thats why I concur with your article. Keep it up and thanks

  4. LOL!!! J o Joy…gbam! Good point girl…it’s the next thing a couple can blame for their crappy and uninteresting sex life. Mark you…even the man sef na virgin before na? So what makes the guy expert and the female novice… Well I am thinking on the female’s part inability to learn, shame for not knowing much, not acknowledging her sexuality and knowing what she likes or wants sex wise. And on the part of the guy “supposedly the expert” inability to teach his virgin wife, not being patient, having a preconceived notion of sex would definitely dull the mood in the bedroom. I believe both partners have important roles to play in the bedroom…and this virgin girl is definitely ignorant about that fact! Thanks again for reminding me that everyone was a virgin at a point in time in their lives…that got me cracking….
    Really who no sabi no sabi….after all them no de teach animal how to do am….it’s innate….

    1. LOL! We have a burden to educate young girls, honestly. If those after us grow up with this mindset all in an effort to be pure, we would have failed in our duty as older women.

  5. hmmn, can marrying as a virgin actually destroy a marriage??? I totally disagree. I think sex is smthg you can learn, and improve in as time goes on.

    #Still Hmmming sha…

    Nice piece dearie

  6. I looooove dis…Sex is a learned activity, everyone has a first time, that one’s first is in marriage doesn’t make the learning process any less valid or necessary. I wish she would quit whinning and learn and stop lending credence to that notion that presupposes that sex is better learned outside marriage ‘cos that’s exactly what her complaint implies.

    Offers several more seats in addition to yours.

  7. I am not a violent person naturally but right now, I could give the writer of the original article several slaps instead of several seats. It would make me very happy!! I am especially angry because of the number of young girls she could have misled with that article. Thank you so much for this response. You really did hit the nail on the head!! I hope she read this. In fact, can you send the link to the original article. *Now putting on boxing gloves*

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