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Joysuo: 5 Simple Ways to Juice Up Married Sex

It is no news that the factors which lead to boredom once the dotted lines are signed are many.

You’re now having sex with a relative, and only with that person for the rest of your life. The demands of building a career and earning a living, especially in big cities where many couples spend hours in traffic, can take a toll on a couple. Add children of various ages to the mix, and it’s easy to fall into bed, and settle for bland two-minute sex before rolling over to sleep off the stress of a hard day.

Here are a few things you can try whenever you need to get the juices flowing in that department:

1. Get out of the bedroom

Making love only in the bedroom all the time is a surefire way to plunge your sex life into the doldrums of monotony. Whenever you get some alone time, or the kids are deep asleep, try the kitchen, bathroom, living room, anywhere but your good old bed. This alone can bring in a new flavour you’ll enjoy.

2. Try a new position

It is not for nothing that the missionary position has been dear to couples for ages. The intimacy of being face to face brings about a unique bond. Still, inasmuch as missionary is a staple, it is very important for couples to try other positions from time to time. It not only keeps boredom at bay, it also makes it possible for you to explore pleasure zones you may not have known of before. This applies not only to intercourse, but also to foreplay; if you’re used to lying down during foreplay, why not try sitting up?

3. Put on some music and dance

There’s a reason why the phrase “baby-making music” exists. Music nourishes love, as we all know, and if as you listen you can dance to the music, looking into each other’s eyes or rubbing against each other while locking lips, things can get steamy real quick.

4. Slip on a condom

Worrying about getting pregnant before you are ready can be a distraction and a dampener, so condoms are great for birth control, but they can also increase your pleasure in various ways. For instance, condoms can make him last longer if you both want to try that, and the ribbed and dotted ones create a different sensation for her too. Delicious!

5. Get away from the kids for a few hours

If you can arrange proper childcare that will enable you to have a few hours of intimacy without being worried about the kids, it’s totally worth it. You can use this time to rest (which is very important for great sex), bond with each other, and then dive into a memorable session, the recollection of which will spark a fire when you’re back to your regular routine.

Being married does not have to mean boring sex forever. In fact, it should be the opposite. Go for it!



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