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Keep Doing This and You’ll Never Find True Love

I hear people say, “Don’t get a PhD, you will chase men away” or “Stop laughing so much, it may put men off” and I wonder, is a woman supposed to dim her light just so that a man can marry her?

Should she downplay her intelligence, tone down her brilliance, restrain her talent and essentially minimise herself just so that men will not be intimidated? Most importantly, why would I want to be married to a man who is intimidated by the full expression of who I am? How can this person be my husband? It makes no sense at all.

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1 thought on “Keep Doing This and You’ll Never Find True Love”

  1. Well said, no fuffing around or sugar coating!

    Being true to one’s self is the key, the need for deliberate ‘shallow mindedness ‘ is so unappealing.

    Love, love,love this girl.

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