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How To Say I Love You…

Akin and Ese have been married less than a year. Although they were good friends throughout University, their friendship never crossed the line between platonic and romantic. So it was a surprise when Akin returned to Nigeria after a few years studying in the UK, absolutely convinced that Ese was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He pursued her in earnest, and she soon fell for him, seeing in him a man she could love, respect and build a life with. They bonded over their shared interests: stage plays, tennis, Chess, and charity. On their wedding day, they were all smiles.

One would imagine that with such a foundation, their marriage would be as perfect as can be. The problem is, Ese does not feel Akin loves her as he once did. Akin can tell that she is slipping away from him, but he doesn’t know why, or how to make things right again. Continue reading…



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