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Beware of Stupid Love Songs!

This is especially true for younger women.

I love music, especially love songs. I’m not ashamed to get all in my feelings and let the music take me wherever it wants… which is why, several times in my life, I have opened my eyes and found myself in a stupid place. The kind of place that makes you blink repeatedly, inspecting your clothes and wondering, “how did I get here?”

It seems that for every great song that is about real, healthy, authentic love, there are ten songs written for the sole purpose of replacing a girl’s brain with butter. Even as a grown woman, if you’re not listening very carefully, you too can get carried away with the melody of folly. Apart from stellar vocals and tunes, the reason why these songs get away with the madness is the presence of lines that actually sound sensible. You know how they say falsehood is never as dangerous as when it baits its hook with truth? This is very true of love songs. Until you listen to women in unhealthy relationships talk, you don’t realise how big a problem we have. Click here to read more about these songs…


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