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5 Money Talks to Have Before You Tie the Knot

Until you attempt to build a life with someone else, you really can’t understand just how much money can affect a marriage. It’s not just about “no romance without finance”. To make marital bliss a reality, you need to be on the same page.

Here are 5 big money discussions you MUST  have, in no particular order:

Debt: Before you get married, you both need to be honest about how much you owe and have a clear, workable plan to pay back. When Zee married Uche, she had no idea how complicated his financial history was. A few weeks into their marriage, he told her he was paying off a certain debt, so he couldn’t contribute financially for a while. Three years later, Zee is still paying the house rent and school fees, in addition to feeding the family. She has bought two cars, both of which he has sold, for said debt. Yet there is no end in sight. Read more…


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