3 Reasons Why I Stopped Power Walking on the Main Road

When I started my weight loss journey, I exercised only in my compound.

Wearing a pedometer, I aimed for 10, 000 steps every morning, and the remaining steps I needed would be spread over the rest of the day (you need to walk about 10, 000 steps a day to stay fit and more than that if you want to lose weight). As a beginner a good day was 14,000 steps total and as time went on, about 20, 000 steps.

The funny thing is, these steps were all inside my compound. I would walk round and round and round my building for an hour every morning, six days a week. I never tried to jog or run, I simply power-walked. I didn’t give up any food. I simply combined exercise with reduced portions and I lost the 10kg I needed to lose.

After this, I came down to an hour every morning, three days a week, just for maintenance, but I decided I would start doing it on the road. I lasted only a week before I came back into my estate, and eventually back into my compound. Why?

  1. I realised I don’t like people all that much. All this time I thought I was a lover of people, I didn’t realise it was just the love of Christ. I have no patience for nonsense wey no join the matter at all. Some Nigerians don’t mind their business and it’s so annoying. They see you more than once a week and y’all are now chummy all of a sudden. Then there were the ones in their cars obviously gossiping about why a slim girl is exercising. One actually leaned out of his bus and told me I was “okay like this” and did I want “everything to disappear?” He actually thought he was advising me. SMH.
  2. I don’t like cars. Horns, fumes, people in them… Enough said.
  3. I’m a music freak. I’m almost always listening to music, whether I’m showering, cooking, or exercising. So for my walks I got one of those wireless headphones last year and loaded an SD card for it. Now, I didn’t realise the luxury that power-walking to music in the privacy of my own compound affords me. When Korede Bello’s Godwin or D’Prince’s Amarachi comes on? The music lover in me gives way to the music freak and my hands and body are doing their thing. Then Asa’s Baby Gone comes on and I’m suddenly all in my feelings. I have no idea what my face looks like. I don’t want anyone looking at me in any of the aforementioned states.

So yeah, I’m back in my compound. I’m glad I ventured out, however. I always thought of the distance between my house and a certain roundabout as faaaar but it’s only 30 minutes both ways. Just imagine. The same one hour (10,000 steps) I had been doing in my compound! It’s encouraging to know I walked that far daily.

I’ve flipped my routine and I’m happier with 30 minutes six days a week (that three days a week thing wasn’t making me happy) and I’m staying as far away from the road as I can!


6 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Stopped Power Walking on the Main Road”

  1. Joy i enjoyed reading this. Thumbs up girl!I have never tried power walking as a way of losing weight but i will give it a shot to stay healthy.(no weight to lose)

  2. OMG THIS! You get ‘advice’ flung at you! “Aunty, you set like this.” or when I’m power walking, I get a lot of “Run nau, no dey waka”. Also, I can’t stand human traffic, getting close enough to people cos more than half of them smell badly. Then avoiding beggars /lunatics. UGH! I go out around 5:30am and I’m home before 7am. Less people that way. Phew!

    1. Hahahahaha sorryyyy! So this has happened to you too? I’m glad you found a way around it. I struggle with early rising, otherwise this solution would have been perfect for me.

  3. Power walking is simply superb and even better with your favourite jams.

    I’m the opposite and enjoy the compliments and the way people stare. It’s almost like the icing on the cake.

    But I’m a sole jogger and don’t really gear towards group or jogging in pairs. I’m a selfish gym junkie!

    Very nice article Joy!

  4. I ran round my estate everyday this week. This post fuelled my passion to even start because everything that you didn’t like, I absolutely enjoy haha.
    Like STARE!!! Make catcalls. Whatever. Aduncurrrrr. I just keep nodding my head or laughing at a song or sermon I am listening to.
    So thank you😁

  5. I am soooo dramatic on the road. I dance, keel over in laughter, flare my hands, sing out loud. Like I really don’t care. I enjoy the stares. Lol. I am too sanguine for my own good haha. Plus I enjoy smiling at and waving at those wide eyed school kids in their school buses. T just awesome

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