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The Secret to a Happy Marriage Surprised Me!

When I saw an article titled “The Secret to Lasting Marriages”, I had a couple of ideas what the secret would be. It’s only my 5th year in marriage, but every day teaches you a thing or two.

They could say communication, for instance. Or money. Or sex! But the answer was something I wasn’t expecting. Read more…


2 thoughts on “The Secret to a Happy Marriage Surprised Me!”

  1. Your physical passion for each other should be strong enough that you need to restrain it”…. Thanks for that! The passion in itself is not sinful provided it is restrained.

    Now, on the ‘IT’ that defines the ‘us’. How can this be identified? What are examples of such??

    1. Hii, thanks for stopping by! I believe things like a shared vision and unity of purpose can provide that IT. It could be to build something. create and produce stuff, impact society, or leave a legacy of some kind. The bottom line is that it should be shared, not just held or desired by one person.

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