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What’s Good About Being Married?

I decided to write this because, not every time stories that touch, sometimes the brighter side!

Marriage is beautiful. You don’t have to take my word for it. I went around asking other wives — Christian, Muslim, and non-religious — what they love about being married and they said a lot! Here are some of the things they love about being married.


Have You Asked God For Something?

Are you waiting on God for something? I am, and last week I found this message from a precious old friend that reminded me of what the waiting of true faith really is:

“Faith, like Love, is an ACTION VERB. The waiting of true Faith is not some passive relaxing and ‘looking out’ for the blessing, but a fervent PRESSING into the promise, with repeated VERBAL declarations of that which we have prayed and believed.

It also implies a conscious and diligent preservation of a state of moral and spiritual purity, and clarity between the desert and the palace, as well as a violent and aggressive resistance of the enemy, of temptation, satanic bargains, distractions, fainting, double-mindedness, doubt and unbelief.”

Selah…pause, think deeply on this.

Stand in faith.


Family Life, Published Articles

Extravagant Love

Am I the only one who wonders wetin Chrissy Teigen give John Legend chop? What kind of love does a person give to have a song like All of Me written about them, ehn?

The thing about seeing lovers who are hooked on each other and have a fabulous relationship is that it usually looks effortless. The same goes for straight-A students, chart-topping artistes and just about any successful person you can think of. In fact, they often look like they’re just having fun. However, if you’re good at anything at all, you know it takes effort. To have a good marriage, you need to put in the work, but what about a great marriage? Read more…

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Too Much Togetherness Can Kill Your Marriage

Is your spouse your only source of love and comfort? That’s not intimacy, that’s too much responsibility to place on one person. I often say, if you don’t know how to make yourself happy, don’t marry. You should know your happy place and be able to pick yourself up.

If you’re still single, please stop waiting for someone to come and complete you. Be whole, learn how to nourish yourself, and build a robust, satisfying life. Read more…

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Are You Becoming Your Mum?

One of the first things I set out to do as a new bride was to make my marriage my own. I wanted my home to be distinct from my mother’s. She is a wonderful wife and mum, but in many ways she’s very old school, with traditional values and methods I consider outdated.

So, I was determined that there should be a marked difference between her style and mine, in every way possible. I didn’t think it would be so hard, considering our different personalities. Then one day, just two months into marriage, I realised that I was not as different from my mother as I liked to think. Read more…