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Does Anyone Miss Being a New Mum?

I have wanted another baby since my son turned 2, but this year I have looked forward to it more than ever before. At a baby shower, we played a game where we had limited time to write down 20 things that go into a baby outing bag. I couldn’t believe how hard it was for me to remember, and how easy it was for the mothers who actually stepped out with diaper bags that day. It’s really been long. Read more



2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Miss Being a New Mum?”

  1. My daughter is almost 7 months already and I know in my heart I will miss this stage badly. I’m trying to soak it all up: enjoying breastfeeding, weaning, wearing her in a sling, watching and laughing at her firsts. But try as I might, this stage will soon go by and I know I will miss it so much. Right now I’m fairly sure I don’t want any more babies for many reasons…but who knows?! 😀

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