From #SideHustle to #SecondSalary!


Anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows that I don’t believe in having just one source of income. If you’re new to the concept, I recommend this article I wrote about why you should have a side hustle.

Before my editorial services business became my main gig, it was my side hustle. When it became my primary source of income, I knew I needed another side hustle.

I had one for a while, and it was a truly fun and lucrative one, but amongst other drawbacks there was the “hustle” part of it that took up my Saturdays. I mean, every single Saturday.

I needed something less intrusive, something closer to my everyday life, a way to get paid for doing things I already did every day, things that came naturally to me.

After reading The Four Year Career (a life-changing book for me!) I knew for sure that what I wanted was out there, and that I would recognize it when I saw it.

And I have!

I recently joined an amazing company that pays me a #SecondSalary to do what I’ve been doing daily for free.

I’m excited and fired up!

What about you? Do you have a side hustle that’s easy, simple and fun? I’d love to hear about it, do send me an email:



There’s a lot out there under the guise of business opportunities offering extra income. Here’s something I learnt from a great leader:



  1. Is this a real business opportunity? Or just an excuse to move money amongst friends?

If the answer is NO, don’t WALK away… RUN away!


  1. Would I purchase the product or service if there were NO Business opportunity attached?

If the answer is NO, don’t WALK away… RUN away!


  1. Does the company offer a leadership development program?

If the answer is NO, don’t WALK away… RUN away!




One thought on “From #SideHustle to #SecondSalary!

  1. simplenaijagirl says:

    Yes! I’ve always had a side hustle. First, it was selling Ankara clothes on Etsy, then crochet braids. Lately, with an infant and other personal non-money bringing projects I’m working on, no time for side hustle. So I decided to up my salary, whether at my current job or a new job. I’ve got financial goals to meet.

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