Do You Say ATM Machine and PIN Number?

“ATM machine” (Automated Teller Machine machine) and “PIN number” (Personal Identification Number number)… RAS Syndrome (Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome).

“BVN number” (Bank Verification Number number) is also an example of RAS Syndrome.

Simply say “ATM”, “PIN”, “BVN”. There’s no need to tack on an extra “machine” or “number”. ‪#‎YouNeedAnEditor‬


You Need an Editor

#YouNeedAnEditor is the hashtag I use for tweets via my business handle, @JoyEhonwa. If you’re not following me there already, please do. I would love to interact with you and see how we can make your writing the best it can be.

What makes me a special editor is not my A1 in English, my eagle eye, or even my Linguistics degree…it’s my soul. I care. And because I care, I am always learning, and I always go the extra mile for my clients.

Editing isn’t just about hacking a writer’s work to pieces. The writer’s feelings matter as much as proper grammar does.

Sometimes a writer uses a word that doesn’t belong in that sentence, and I can tell they just love the word. So I replace it with a more appropriate word, and look out for another opportunity to use it so that they’re happy.

My goal as an editor is not to give you my voice; it’s to make YOUR voice as beautiful as it can be.