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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Don’t Try, Try Again

Last year, I didn’t achieve one of my most important goals. I was simply going to try again this year when something stopped me in my tracks. Visions of 2017 turning out exactly like 2016 in that regard, flashed before my eyes, along with the thought, what’s the plan to succeed this year where you failed last year? Read more…

Fallen Embers

Once, as my heart remembers
All the stars were fallen embers
Once, when night seemed forever
I was with you.

Once, all dreams were worth keeping
I was with you…

Once, when our hearts were singing
I was with you…

Poetry as music!

Sigh. Does Enya ever grow old?

I’m Done

I’m done

Asking for your hugs,

Begging for your kisses,

Seeking a connection,

Making silent wishes,

Aching for “I love you”

Waiting for a letter,

Maximising little,

Praying it gets better…

I’m done needing you.

I Will Miss You Forever

This is me, now. I am here, now,

But thoughts of me, then, and us, as we were,

When all we wanted, waking and sleeping,

Was to belong to each other,

Are welcome, from time to time…


I will miss you forever.

Somehow, this is something I have always known,

Even back when I didn’t think I would have to

be without you, ever.

I knew, that I always, always wanted to know, to own

Your love, your friendship, your respect,

And I know that in many ways I still do…


But I miss you,

Pretty much the way my childhood

Will always be mine, and always be precious,

Except, of course, that I never want to go back,

Nor should I. That wouldn’t be real life, would it?