Editorial Services

My name is Joy Ehonwa, I’m Principal Editor at PINPOINT CREATIVES. I would like to help you make your writing the best it can be.

PINPOINT CREATIVES is a support service established with the vision of delivering a bouquet of compelling print communication services, with special emphasis on detail, accuracy and precision. Our extensive command of the English language, and excellent grammar skills and experience mean that you get 100% accuracy whether we’re editing, proofreading, or transcribing for you.

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Small mistakes make a BIG bad impression. While some believe they can do their own editing and proofreading, the truth is that no one should ever rely on editing their own work. This is because every author is familiar with their own material and style, and therefore their brain most often interprets what it wants or expects to see. Consequently, the practice of copy editing or proofreading one’s own document invariably leaves the same recurring and obvious errors in the text and grammar; no matter how many times the writer checks it. At PINPOINT CREATIVES, we offer copy editing and proofreading services, literally going through a written piece line by line and letter by letter, taking the time to be extremely thorough and meticulous.


Journalists, scriptwriters, lawyers, students, preachers, public speakers and authors in various fields may at one point or another find themselves in possession of recorded interviews and other kinds of recorded speech that need to be converted to written text. PINPOINT CREATIVES understands the need to have such recordings accurately transcribed and properly formatted and edited in time for publication or other uses, and brings years of experience and skill to bear in delivering this indispensable service.  The result is accurate reproduction of the core message and essence of every audio recording.

PINPOINT CREATIVES specializes in copy editing and proofreading of fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, biographies and autobiographies. We will proofread your thesis, edit your book, and transcribe your interviews or dictations. And we will also help you start and finish that non-fiction book you’ve always wanted to publish.

Whatever the content of your document is, you need a trained eye to make sure that it is grammatically correct, free of costly typographical errors, engaging to read, free of tedium, stylistically beautiful, and well presented. Whether we’re improving what you’ve already written, or putting down what we’ve heard from you verbally, PINPOINT CREATIVES guarantees that your document states irresistibly, EXACTLY what you want it to say. That is our commitment.

Email: pinpointcreatives@yahoo.com

Twitter: @JoyEhonwa

Web: www.facebook.com/PinpointCreatives










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