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7 Harmful Habits Your Relationship Doesn’t Need

Whether you’re dating, engaged or married, there are certain behaviours and habits that are counterproductive to a healthy relationship. Men and women who know the value of a mutually fulfilling and satisfying relationship are careful to avoid practices that threaten their love, and they take deliberate steps to break those habits where they have already been formed. Here are 7 harmful habits your relationship doesn’t need.

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5 Success Seeds You Can Sow Daily for Your Relationship

Relationship success, like success in other areas of life, is an aggregate of great choices and actions every day. Not many people fall in love and grow in love because of one big thing or the other that their partner did. It’s usually the little things done consistently over time, both sentimental and practical.

What can you do in your relationship or in your marriage today to make it better, even if only a teeny weeny little bit better than it was yesterday? See tips here.