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Sweet Mother: Thoughts on the Religion of Mother-Love

In the end, a mum is a mum, and a dad is a dad, and each one should be special and adored because of that, not because one “suffered” more than the other. I hope that our children will not cherish mother over father simply because father was less invested, sacrificed less, or was less of a parent. And if we share the burden and sacrifice, let us also be ready to share the joys and honour. Read more…

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Are You Your Child’s Best Friend?

We want our children to not just love us but like us too, and we want them to be able to confide in us, telling us any and everything. There’s nothing wrong with any of this, of course, but the hidden trap is that many parents in seeking this attempt to be their child’s best friend. This is a recipe for parenting disaster, because a best friend is a best friend and a parent is a parent. The roles are different.

More than friendship, your child needs you to be their parent. Read more…

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What Kind of Learner is Your Child?

Observe your children in action, take note of their interests, and pay attention to how they solve problems.
By being an observant parent, you can identify even from a very early age, whether your child learns primarily by looking, listening, or doing (having a dominant style doesn’t mean they can’t learn in other ways). You can also talk to your children’s teachers and people who interact with them regularly. 
There are 3 types of learners identified by experts… Read more