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Is Morning Devotion Still a Thing?

As young believers, one of the first disciplines we learnt was that of starting the day with God. Many of us were introduced to this in the form of family devotions, which often proved to be a major thorn in the flesh because most times we still wanted to sleep, and sometimes we couldn’t really relate to what was going on.

Now that we are adults, some of us have continued with morning devotions — believe it or not! I’m one of the others who fell by the way side, praying whenever I liked instead of first thing every morning.

When I rediscovered the beauty of feeding my spirit and communing with God first thing in the morning, it was heaven to me. The biggest factor that made a difference between present devotions and past ones is this…


5 Reasons to Read Your Bible With The LA Family in 2017

Reading the Bible with The LA Family (LA- Learn & Apply) has been one of the most rewarding, life-changing experiences for me. Here are just 5 reasons I recommend it:

One: Food is better enjoyed with family, and this applies to spiritual food as well. You’d be hard pressed to find a more vibrant, loving, awesome family to read God’s Word with than The LA Family.

Two: The LA Family devotional rocks! As short as the devotional pieces are, they are rich, well-written, and applicable to real life. Then there’s the good ol’ memory verse we thought we left behind in Children’s Sunday School; seriously underrated, I tell you!

Three: Wonderful new friends! As a person whose real wealth is in people, I have The LA Family to thank for a couple of the dearest I now have in my life. Reading God’s Word with grounded, authentic, real and caring brethren has led to more blessings than I could have imagined.

Four: You read the Bible more when you read with The LA Family. When we were children we read one or two verses daily and that was okay, but as we grow in the Lord we need to build our muscles, and that requires taking in more. Are you grown enough to read one or two chapters of the Bible every day? You can’t know unless you try. Join us.

Five: You’ll grow by sharing. Yes, everyone in The LA Family gets to share what they learn from God’s Word, and that not only gives you a chance to be a blessing to others, the very process of preparing the “meal” (or small chops as the case may be) blesses you and causes you to grow, too.

You can join The LA Family on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, or BBM; wherever it is that you feel most at home. Do visit the website and share your thoughts with me. Be blessed!


Already Full

I am a finite being; this reality never dawned on me until recently. I kind of always knew, naturally, but today it hit me in a very tangible way. My capacity (be it emotional, relational, or physical) is finite.

First, one of my devotional readings for that day (Authentic Fasting by James McDonald) pointed out that it’s not that I’m not hungry for God; I’m just not hungry enough. And that’s because I’m full of many other things- including food.

Then I set out to drink 2.5 litres of water daily and I realised I simply could not eat as much as I had been eating if I wanted to be able to take in more water (my water drinking habits are notoriously poor) than I’m used to.

And I realised it’s the same thing in other areas of life. It’s the reason why there’s a book titled “Excessive Sleep, Killer of Destiny.” We have only 24 hours in a day and we must prioritize the things that really matter.

Even our affections are finite. You can’t love a husband or wife fully without first “forsaking all others” and emptying yourself of affections and addictions foreign to your marriage (you can try though, if you’re naive enough!).

You can’t serve two masters either.‎ That’s why I particularly loved the prayer at the end of that day’s reading:

Prayer – Father, I am a finite being. I can only do so much, and take in so much. Forgive my tendency to use my time and capacity on things that draw me away from nurturing my hunger for You. Give me such hunger for You I cannot help but put away that which does not satisfy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.