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Meet the Boss: August Secrets Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo

Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo is a journalist, recipe developer, children food blogger, and the Founder of August Secrets Nigeria, a baby and toddler food solutions company. Toyin, who holds a B.A in English and Literature, and Masters in Public and International Affairs, gives a peek into her journey to entrepreneurship in this interview with me.

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Career Of The Week – Eromo Egbejule, Journalist

Eromo Egbejule is a journalist whose first degree is in Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering with a specialization in Structures & Environment. He has a couple of diplomas in communication and financial journalism, and has just started a Master’s in Communication, PR & Advertising. We talked about careers, choices, and misconceptions about a journalism career HERE.

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30 Days, 30 Blogs: I.Am.Ope



Ope is a journalist and editor who works in magazine publishing. She’s also a wife, mother, “master chef” and a guitar player. She writes about her life experiences in her blog, which is essentially a journal.

I enjoy her posts about writing (Life as a Writer, Good Grammar & Credibility. etc) but it’s her posts about being a mum (Joys of Motherhood, May 16th, Being a Mommy, etc) that I truly relish.

Of all the bloggers I’ve read, she’s one person I would really love to meet and be friends with. Read my review of her blog, or go straight to I.AM.OPE and enjoy.

30 Days 30 Blogs, Reviews

30 Days, 30 Blogs: Yoruba Girl Dancing


When I first found this blog, I was overwhelmed with pleasure, and the anticipation of more pleasure. Bim Adewumi loves life, and it shows in the way she lives it and the way she writes about it. I reviewed it with great relish.

I remember thinking as I read post after post, that I probably should learn to be more deliberate about enjoying my life and savour every precious moment, and every delightful thing. As a matter of fact, I can’t get enough of her “Why I Love…” series! She knows why she loves ice-cream, dresses, mascara, Black Beauty Supply Shops, glasses…you can tell she not only loves them, she loves loving them! Do you know why you love what you love? 

Much like her counterpart in Simi Bedford’s novel, Yoruba Girl Dancing (after which her blog is named, I figure), Bim is Nigerian, and Yoruba, but she is also quite English- and thanks to her love of travel she infuses her blog with so many other flavours. Bookmark it!