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5 Little Things to Make Your Marriage Sizzle in 2016

I’m a huge believer in the power of small changes. There are so many little things you can start doing or stop doing that will change your life, as cliché as that sounds. If the sameness of marriage was an issue for you in 2015, there are little things you can try that will infuse your marriage with new life. Here are a few of my tried and tested favourites:

1. Hug: I’m not even being cute here. As babies, touch was one of the first languages of love we learnt. Even as toddlers, being picked up or held was one of the major ways we heard “I love you”, before we understood what the words really meant. Now we are adults and we think hugs don’t matter anymore but they do, very much. Agree to drop whatever you’re doing when they come in and just hug for a few seconds. Walk up to them unexpectedly and hug them from behind. There’s science to this thing but I’m not a science student so let’s not go there. If you know about the hormones released and stuff please leave a comment, thanks!

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