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9 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self About Life and Love

I still have the journal I kept when I was a younger woman. I recently decided to go over it, and I made some interesting discoveries.

My essence, thankfully, is still the same, and I still have the precious friendships that I cherished 10, 20 years ago. Yet, in the midst of so much to be grateful for, I experienced some bittersweet emotions as I read through accounts of unrequited love, betrayal, new love, and hopes for the future.

If, somehow, I could reach out to the woman I was then, these are the words I would say…Read more

Published Articles

One Important Question to Ask Before You Say “I Do”

When we think of getting married, we’re usually thinking of the good times. We know that there are tough times in life, but those are not the thoughts our minds caress, and when we close our eyes, those are not the scenes we envision. This gorgeous, amazing, smart, funny, successful, sexy person will soon be ours forever, and together we will make the cutest little babies and live happily ever after.

I remember when I lived and worked in Warri, there was this guy (let’s call him Leo) who wanted to marry me. Now, Leo and I had never interacted. Read more…


Much Ado About Valentine’s Day

The much expected and talked about Valentine’s Day has come and gone, along with the tweets, BBM personal messages and jokes. The strong survived.

I’m not a “Val” person. Yes, that’s right; I’m one of those who believe in expressing love every single day. However, marriage is about two people, not one, so in the spirit of love, the expectations of one’s spouse should not be cut short.

2 weeks before Valentine, my Blackberry group, Wise Wives, was discussing Valentine plans. Amidst talks of Victoria’s Secret, edible underwear and fluffy handcuffs, I put forth my simple package: a nice meal, a new duvet set from Beddings ‘n’ Beyond, my favourite lingerie, and super-amazing acrobatic sex. Easy enough to pull off, right?

The best laid plans of Mice and Men go oft awry. I did order the sheets, and as I was making the bed, hubby came home!! I had to run out of the bedroom and “block” him in the living room, dancing around him and managing to keep him there until he left after handing me a beautiful red velvet cake, and eating his lunch. Phew, close one!


Anyways, he asked me not to bother cooking (the baby and tons of work from the office had tired me out anyway), he was taking me out for Nkwobi, yaaaay!

Guess what? The place was closed. So we had to have Shawarma for dinner, eventually. Not quite what I’d envisaged.

On the bright side, his jaw did drop at the sight of the new bedding. In fact, days later, he’s still very pleased. After we finally put baby to bed, I showered and put on said lingerie, and we got into our pretty bed…and slept off, straight till morning; so much for acrobatics.

Oh well, things didn’t go as planned, but God is still God. And that’s what matters :p