Should You Leave Your Children an Inheritance?

Many parents [agree] that leaving money to children is tantamount to digging their early graves, but must this always be the case? Isn’t there a way to allow your children learn hard work and financial prudence, and make their own way in life, while enjoying the benefits of an inheritance? Read more…


7 Ways People Are Embracing Frugality in this Recession

With the recession in the country pinching hard, many Nigerians are finding ways to adjust and one of these is by being frugal. Here are 7 ways people are practicing frugality in these times.

5 Skills I Can’t Wait To Teach My Child

For all the great work teachers do, the fact remains that the home is the first school, and parents are the first teachers. I consider the opportunity to pass on what I know to my offspring, a privilege. Here are 5 things I can’t wait to teach my little one.