Peaceful Wife

TV shows, novels, movies and songs are filled with tips on how to love our husbands better; but a man’s greatest need is not love, it is respect. Many a wife has asked, “How do I know if I’m showing him respect or not?” Clearly it goes beyond kneeling to feed him on your wedding day.

A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit led to a precious blog, www.peacefulwife.com and I couldn’t help but admire the unusual work she’s doing with her site. I was thrilled to finally find someone who understood the modern wife’s plight; what we consider to be” loving”, our husbands sometimes find disrespectful, and what they consider to be respectful, many wives find bewildering.

Husbands recently contributed a list, and you may be shocked to find you’re guilty of some of the things they consider disrespectful:

-Correcting me when I am telling stories

-Asking me to do something, then doing it yourself before I have a chance

– Remaining silent in front of the children rather than supporting me when a discipline decision is made

– Being too busy to spend time with me – too into your TV show to listen to me

– Insinuating – even slightly – that I don’t make enough money to satisfy you

– Asking “Why…?” when paired with “Why would you do it like that?” and rolling the eyes… or “Why would you go that way when it’s easier to go this way?”

See anything familiar? Sigh. There is grace enough for us wives!

I recommend this blog, there are countless posts to help with different issues relating to love and respect in marriage- for husbands as well as wives.