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Let’s Talk About the Wife Who Wasn’t Loved

Do you know what it feels like to be married to a man who doesn’t love you? Maybe you do. Maybe your marriage is the result of parental matchmaking gone wrong. Or maybe you were just dating and getting to know each other and you fell pregnant. Now you’ve “trapped” him with pregnancy and he believes he would not have gone to the altar with you otherwise. Or maybe he did marry you willingly, but only because he couldn’t get the woman he really wanted. Whatever may have happened, you’re in a marriage with a man who doesn’t love you, and probably loves someone else.

Or maybe, you’re not yet married and are considering marrying a man who doesn’t love you — for money, security, babies, or whatever reason. Let’s look at a few things Leah came to know only too well.

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3 Habits I Wish I Had Dropped Before I Became a Wife

There are bad habits we pick up on our journeys as girlfriends and boyfriends that follow us into marriage to pour san-san in our garri. That’s just the way it is.

Some men no dey like to baff, some women speak truth without grace…some of these habits are simply wasters of the happy moments that make life rich and full, while others are downright destructive. Here are three awful habits I wish I had done away with before becoming a wife: Read more…